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Monday, 26 June 2017

Good, or Evil?!

As I sit typing this post, I am amazed that it can be - and is! - read by people from all over the world; people whom I have never met, and am unlikely ever to meet. Of course, this same technology permits what is known as cyber-bullying, that has led to the suicidal deaths of many. It permits the ready availability of pornographic images of the most despicable kind, that lead to broken relationships, and to sexual activity of the most depraved types. It permits violence to be freely displayed, leading to acts of violence of all kinds.

When radio was first introduced, many disciples of Jesus said "It's evil! The satan is the prince of the power of the air." Some were so against this new invention (discovery?!) that they would not even countenance its use in the proclamation of the Gospel! What would some of them have thought about television - and the internet?!

Johannes Gutenberg, the "father of printing" was working one day, in his cell in the Monastery of St. Aborsgot when he seemed to hear a voice warning him that the power of his invention - the printing press - would enable bad men to propagate their wickedness, and that posterity would curse its inventor! He took a hammer, and broke the type into pieces. It then seemed that another voice spoke. It urged him to persist in perfecting his invention, and declared that although it might be used for evil, the Lord would also make it the fountain of infinite good, and that right would ultimately triumph.

The printing press, in itself, was neither good nor evil - and the same thing is true of radio, television, cinema, the internet, and almost any other invention/discovery that you may care to name. It is their usage that determines if they turn out to be a benefit, or a curse! [If you haven't already done so, you might consider signing the petition at ]

We are living at a time of unprecedented advances and developments. The question is; "What are we going to do with the fruits of all of this progress?" The same nuclear power that provides electricity, can also be used to destroy whole cities. The choice is ours! So, rather than condemn something because it is new, let us determine, with God's help, to use whatever He places in our hands - for good rather than for evil.

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