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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Birthday Anniversary Quiz!

Former pupils who happen to check out this blog will appreciate the title. I always pointed out that, physically, we have only one birthday - the day of our physical birth. After that, we celebrate the anniversary of that day, usually on an annual basis (although one does eventually reach a stage at which the numbers don't really matter, and the day is little different from any other!).

Tomorrow is the celebration of the Jewish festival of the Day of Pentecost (Shavuot), the first if which in the Christian era is generally considered to be the day on which the Christian Church was born. It was as Peter preached his Biblical message on that day that 3,000 were saved.

So, here is a wee quiz to check what you know about the first disciples of Jesus!

1. The disciples of Jesus started preaching about Him
       (a) the day after He died;
       (b) shortly after His death;
       (c) years later.
2.  Their first message was that
       (a) Jesus had been wrongly convicted;
       (b) Father God had raised Jesus as Lord and King;
       (c) people should love one another.
3.  They started to preach after
       (a) God the Holy Spirit came upon them;
       (b) a democratic vote;
       (c) their leaders had decided that the time was right.
4.  They asked their hearers to
       (a) accept that they were right;
       (b) be more religious;
       (c) allow Jesus to change their lives.
5.  When the authorities told them to stop, they
       (a) did what they were told;
       (b) organised a mass resistance movement;
       (c) prayed, and then continued to preach.
6.  Their message was based on
       (a) inner experience;
       (b) facts about Jesus;
       (c) philosophical ideas.
7.  Their preaching was accompanied by
       (a) miracles;
       (b) impressive arguments;
       (c) mob hysteria.
8.  The disciples were noted for
       (a) their love for one another;
       (b) their exclusivity;
       (c) their financial acumen.
9.  Their enemies accused them of
       (a) being old-fashioned;
       (b) being narrow-minded;
       (c) turning the world "upside-down".
10. There members were from
       (a) every social class;
       (b) the ruling classes;
       (c) the well-educated people.

Okay, see how you get on. I shall endeavour to publish the correct answers within the next few days!

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