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Saturday, 9 June 2018

Truth vs Propoganda!

One of the major difficulties with regard to the current situation in the nation state of Israel, is the sheer lack of honest reporting by the MSM! 

The IDF (Israel Defence Force) has responded to Hamas claims that a female Gaza medic killed during border riots on Friday, June 1st, during the now regular "demonstrations" organised by the terrorist group, was merely an innocent health worker.

Razan Najjar was killed last Friday evening as thousands of Gaza rioters converged on the border. Gaza health officials subsequently claimed that Najjar and other medics wearing white medical coats had approached the fence with their arms raised to evacuate injured rioters when she was shot. However, on Tuesday, the IDF said that initial investigations of the incident found that Najjar had not deliberately been targeted by Israeli soldiers.

The 21-year-old was killed, as evening fell, and while thousands of Arabs converged in five places along the border. In addition to throwing rocks and burning tires, rioters launched incendiary kites over the fence, burning hundreds of acres of fields in southern Israel. Rioters also fired on an Israeli military vehicle and planted explosives along the fence meant to detonate on Israeli soldiers.

“During an initial examination regarding the incident that took place on June 1st, 2018, in which a 22-year-old Palestinian woman was killed, it was found that a small number of bullets were fired during the incident, and that no shots were deliberately or directly aimed towards her,” the IDF said. This morning, Thursday, Arabic IDF Spokesperson Avichay Adraee tweeted a video which indicated that Najjar had actually played an active role in the riots.

Commenting on the video, in which Najjar is seen being interviewed and throwing a grenade, Adraee wrote in Arabic, “Razan Najjar is not the queen of mercy, as Hamas is trying to present her. She admitted that she served as a human shield for rioters, and this proves how Hamas exploits all members of Gaza society for its goals and those of Iran.”  “Do other paramedics around the world throw grenades and participate in riots, and call themselves human shields?” he asked.

Sadly, too many people merely assume that what Hamas claims is true. It is long past time for the real truth to be made known!  One retired journalist, now in his nineties (so from a generation that published the truth!) has commented: " I think the significance of this lies in the following: (a) The incident was widely publicised; (b) It was universally highlighted as an example of Israeli callousness and worse; (c) there was no deviation in the accounts nor any interviewing of any Israeli official spokesperson; and (d) although the truth has now emerged, there has been no retraction, no correction, no remorse, in any of the print or broadcast media I have encountered, to set matters straight and reprieve Israel from the universal guilty verdict.  
The unjust stain will thus remain.  And nobody cares, least of all my fellow-journalists in our hasty, prejudiced, unrepentant media."

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