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Saturday, 30 June 2018

The philoso­phers' stone.

The philoso­phers' stone - sometimes referred to as the stone of wisdom - was the name that me­dieval al­chemists gave to a sub­stance, believed to be a stone, that has the abil­i­ty to trans­form base met­als into the no­blest of met­als – gold. However, the concept of a stone was gradually replaced by an elixir and, for cen­turies, sci­en­tists were pos­sessed by the idea of cre­at­ing this di­vine elixir, which could also heal peo­ple from dis­ease and grant them im­mor­tal­i­ty. However, they were actually looking for a mystical oasis that did not, and does not, exist!

Yet the answer was staring them in the face! In John 4, the apostle records the encounter between the Lord Jesus and a Samaritan woman, at the well outside the Samarian city of Sychar - a well that Jacob had given to his son Joseph. In that record we are introduced to the true Fountain of Life that never runs dry, and that always imparts eternal vitality to all who, by faith, partake of its sin-cleansing properties. (see vs.13-14).

When we are redeemed (bought back) through the sacrificial, and atoning, death of the Lord Jesus, He so fills us with "living water" that, if we are living what Watchman Nee called "The Normal Christian Life" (sadly, not very 'normal' in the 'western' church!), we spill over in a witness that produces results for Father God. It is sad that so many believers - including yours truly! - have so many of the valves of our spiritual hearts obstructed by "the things of this world" that the precious flow is restricted, and only an occasional drop is dispensed to unsaved family members, colleagues, and friends.

In our front garden we have our own well. It requires "servicing" before we could properly use it, but one thing that I have noticed is that the water level never drops! It is continually replenished through the local water table. So the Lord Jesus, the Fountain of salvation, not only quenches our spiritual thirst, but gives us such an abundance of Holy Spirit that we, in turn, should be able to dispense the water of life to thirsty sinners!

If you are a believer, are you such a clear channel that the grace you have received overflows freely to others? Am I? Or are sin, and self, clogging our testimony? 

... and a thought: "Instead of being rivers that flow continually, some Christians are like taps that drip occasionally".

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