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Monday, 9 February 2009

Politics - and morality!

Am I missing something? For the past couple of days, I have heard a lot, from UK government ministers and spokespeople, about their dismay at the proposals that "large" (a somewhat relative word!) bonuses are to be paid to many in the banking industry - including in those banks that have been all but nationalised. It is, we are informed, perfectly legal for these bonuses to be paid. Indeed, in some cases, it would appear to be a "contractual obligation"! However, our political masters, in my opinion quite rightly, make the point that in the current financial situation to accept such bonuses would be unethical, if not downright immoral! After all, these people - be they directors or counter staff, already have the bonus that has been denied to so many - continuing employment.

What confuses my simple mind is that when the Home Secretary claims some £116,000 by claiming that a room in her sister's London home is her own main home (while happily keeping her £300,000 West Midlands home), this is excused, or deemed acceptable, because it is considered to be perfectly legal - regardless of the dubious morality of the situation. Further reports suggest that the same person is costing me (and my fellow-UK-tax-payers) a further £200,000 annually for police protection by choosing to live with her sister. Of course, if she lived in one of the vacant ministerial properties, which already have police protection, she would not be allowed to claim the second home expenses! It would appear that Ms Smith (why do so many of these married women seem to be ashamed of their married name??) has been taking lessons from Mr Ed Balls and his wife, the same Ms Cooper (somewhere, surely, known as Mrs Balls!) whom I heard on this morning's Today programme (Radio 4) lecturing the banks with regard to their immoral attitude. I wonder did they, like Ms Smith, vote against the capping of expenses, and greater transparency?

Surely it is long past time for honesty, and integrity, to return to British politics - at every level. This might be achieved by supporting some of the smaller (and, I would say, Christian - but I am biassed!!) parties. It might also help if the current "government" had the decency to go to the country sooner, rather than later!

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