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Thursday, 8 February 2018

The storm is past.

Although the Dordogne area in France is one of the country's most beautiful, it does have its share of inclement weather conditions - especially from December to February. This includes some fairly violent storm conditions. When we returned from the UK last month, it was to find that the TV aerial had been blown down - taking with it the capping on the chimney, to which it had been attached! Thankfully, the period of the worst storms is now over!

I was reminded of the story of a man who was standing at the rail of a small ship, far out to sea. He was filled with anxiety as he watched a mass of billowing clouds, illumined by flashes of forked lightning. As he watched, the captain happened to pass by. Noticing the troubled expression on the face of his passenger, and the black sky in the distance, he quickly offered some words of assurance. "I hope that you aren't concerned about that storm." he said. "If you are, then you can relax and forget your worries. You see, that storm is already past, and cannot do us any harm."

That may lead us to think of yet another "storm" that is past. I refer to the time when the wrath of Almighty God was poured out in all of its fury, at Calvary. What an awesome, and terrifying, sight that must have been! The Lord Jesus, although Himself perfect and sinless, assumed our guilt and shame, and bore the dreadful penalty that you and I deserved. As He hung on a wooden cross - between earth and sky - the sun was darkened, and rocks were rent asunder. The tempest of God's judgement had broken out upon the beloved Son! Even now, as the old negro spiritual reminds us, contemplation of that dreadful hour causes us to tremble. Yet, as frightening as that spectacle must have been, we may be at peace - because that "storm" is past! In fact, it has provided a way of deliverance from eternal condemnation, and damnation, for all who, in repentance and faith, receive the Son as Saviour, and Lord, and King. For all such, there is the blessing of the grace of God, shown in Jesus, the Christ. I owed a debt I could not pay; He paid a debt He did not owe. 

However, the sinner who has not yet received the Lord Jesus as his personal Saviour still has reason to fear! You see, a day is coming - and it may be sooner than many would wish to believe - when the ominous clouds of God's judgement will finally burst upon an unbelieving world. Only those who have taken refuge in Him are secure. For us, the storm is past! Hallelujah!

May all who read this post find their salvation in Him - "... the Pioneer and Perfecter of our faith." (Heb.12:2).

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