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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

You're never too old!

As we travelled south, this afternoon, my wife's 'phone rang. It was a friend, passing on some exciting news. Another friend - of even longer standing - had proposed to her; she had accepted; and they are now formally engaged to be married. We were both so excited for them, and were delighted to send our congratulations.

So what was unusual about this situation? Simply that each of them is soon, D.V., to be 84 years of age! Each of them is widowed, but they knew one another many decades ago, met again, and have been constant companions for some time now. We are now looking forward to the wedding - which we suspect will be sooner rather than later. We certainly trust that they will be spared to one another for many years. However, their story proves that it is never too late to fall in love - or to be married!

As we continued our journey, I found myself thinking of another relationship for which we are never too old - a vital relationship with our Creator, through the sacrificial death of the Lord Jesus, on the cross. It's a relationship that is sometimes analogised (is that a new word that I have coined?!) by marriage - but it is far, far better. And you are never too old! A thief on a cross discovered this, almost 2,000 years ago. We don't know his exact age - but we do know that he knew that he had only hours to live. Yet the Lord Jesus was able to assure him that he would be in paradise with the Saviour. (Luke 23:43).

First of all, it is better because it is a relationship with Almighty God - the sinless and holy One Who inhabits eternity; Who is omnipotent (all-powerful), and omniscient (all-knowing), and omnipresent (present everywhere, simultaneously). He is infinite love, goodness, justice, wisdom, creative power, inexhaustible riches of excellence; unity, self existence, grace, and providence. His ways are above and beyond our ways, and His thoughts are above and beyond our thoughts. He is, indeed, beyond our human comprehension. However, He has graciously revealed Himself to us in the Persona (not a typo - see my book "Great Words ...", and the chapter on the Trinity. Details above) of the Son, even Jesus, the Christ. What a relationship it is. How amazing that He would even consider entering into it with sinful, mortal humans such as you and me!

Secondly, it is eternal. Our friends may have a number of years of happiness together. However, eventually, if the rapture of the saints of God is delayed, each of them will die and, like their former spouses, be buried. The relationship between the Triune God and those who are adopted into His family, never ends. They spend eternity in His glorious presence, in a sinless existence that our mortal minds are incapable of comprehending.

It is always a joy when a couple, whatever their ages, enter into a relationship such as that of our two (not-so-)young friends. However, it is an even greater joy when someone enters into a genuine relationship with Father God; through the Jesus the Son; empowered by God the Holy Spirit. Indeed, the very angels in heaven rejoice (see Luke 15:10). Have you yet entered into that relationship? It is a sad fact of life that human relationships change, and even disintegrate. A genuine relationship with Jesus never does - He has promised, and He always keeps His promises!

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