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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Colour blindness

I must confess that, until last evening, I thought that "colour blindness" involved no more than an inability to distinguish between certain colours; and I had never even heard of "Enchroma" spectacles.

However, a video clip on Facebook has set me right. Here is the YouTube link:

I hope that you found that to be as informative - and as moving - as I did! It certainly set my mind off in a particular direction. I recall, away back in the 1970s when I was the minister to St.Andrew's Parish Church in Bellshill, inviting the Rev Dr Leonard Small, who had been the Moderator of the Presbytery of Edinburgh when I was ordained to "the holy ministry of Word and Sacrament", to preach at the first anniversary of my induction to St.Andrew's. When he spoke to the children, Dr Small used the example of colour television, as against the monochrome television that most people still had, to illustrate the difference that becoming a disciple of Jesus makes in the life of an individual - regardless of age.

Life without Jesus is, in fact, colourless. It is bland and, in reality, uninteresting. Now, of course, if one has known nothing else, one is excited by monochrome television, and cannot conceive of anything better - until one sits in front of a colour television screen! William Reed probably did know that he was 'missing out'. He undoubtedly, during his 66 years of life up to the day of the video, heard others speak about these 'strange' concepts of red, and blue; green and yellow; brown and pink; etc. But he could only experience black and white (and. possibly, shades of grey).

Jesus said: "I have come that they (i.e. you and me) might have life in all its fulness". (John 10:10; emphasis added). What He was saying is that, without His input, we merely exist; we do not know what true living is all about. It is NOT about parties, and drugs, and sex, and fast cars, and the latest in computerised technology, and making as much money as possible as easily as possible. Oh, that's how a lot of people see it - but they are living monochrome lives! If you watched the video, you will know that William Reed was gifted a special pair of spectacles - Enchroma spectacles - that, somehow, enable him to now see all of the colours that were hitherto hidden from his sight. That's a bit like responding positively to the message of the Gospel that is summed up in the words of John 3:16: "God loved the world (that's you and me, again!) so much that, in the Persona (not a typo - see my book "Great Words of the Faith", the chapter on the Trinity) of the Son - Jesus - He gave Himself on the cross at Calvary, paying the penalty for your sin, and for mine, and enabling us to know, here and now, His own eternal life." (my paraphrase!).

Many years ago, one of the songs that I sung when on a deputation, had these words:

"Heaven above is softer blue,
earth around is richer green;
something lives in every hue,
Christless eyes have never seen:
songs of birds in sweetness grow,
flowers with deeper beauties shine,
since I know, as now I know,
I am His and He is mine."

It's like receiving a pair of spiritual Enchroma spectacles - and life is never the same.

I am delighted for William Reed. I would be even more delighted to know that he has accepted the Lord Jesus as his Saviour and Lord. I would be delighted to learn that you had done so as well - if you have not already made that decision. As always, if I can be of any assistance, please contact me using the e-mail address at the top of the blog. I don't access that Inbox on a daily basis but, as soon as I access your e-mail, I will respond. Blessings, and shalom.

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