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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Special Treat!

In just a few hours, our younger daughter is collecting her mum and dad to drive them into the great metropolis (aka Glasgow).  There we are to board a coach that leaves at 0300 hrs (!!) to take us down to Southampton.  This is in order that we may board a cruise liner to set off on an eighteen-day cruise in the Mediterranean!!  :-)

It's a special treat to each other in celebration of (now slightly more than!) forty years of marriage!  When we return, we may even start saving for our next one - in another forty years!!!

One of the sad facts of our modern 'western' culture is the decreasing numbers of couples who manage to achieve their Ruby wedding anniversary.  Of course, it's all to do with (a) relationships that are based on little more than a physical infatuation (aka 'lust'); (b) a lack of real commitment, that leads to divorce being seen as the easy way out of whet maight well have turned out to be a temporary difficulty; (c) failure to communicate with one another, in any meaningful way [the occasional 'grunt' across the breakfast table - even assuming they sit down to have breakfast together - doesn't count!]; (d) a lack of something truly cohesive in the relationship; (e) rushing into marriage without fully understanding the need for (a) to (d).

This, I would maintain, is the benefit of a truly Christian marriage (which is not the same as a so-called 'church wedding'!).  With Jesus at the centre of the relationship, any cracks are soon mended.  In Mills & Boon and the like, an 'eternal triangle' is a disaster - him, her, and the other (wo)man.  But when the eternal triangle is husband, wife, and the Lord, one has a recipe for genuine success.

I am more grateful than I can ever say, for the wife the Lord gave to me all those years ago - for her love, faithfulness, support, encouragement, and companionship. 

We may be heading towards the realm of "Darby and Joan", but I'll happily spend another forty years with her, if the Rapture is delayed, and we are spared that long.

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CannuckCol said...

When your cousin celebrated his ruby anniversary the same day as the couple you were best man for, I heard on the radio station over here of a couple celebrating their EIGHTIETH anniversary, So it CAN happen. However, you COULD make the return cruise trip for either your Golden OR Diamond anniversary. Talking of which, you may be interested to learn that Annie & Cecil from our home church celebrated their Diamond anniversary recently - AND they received a card from her Majesty

Anonymous said...

hope you have a lovely time :)