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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Spreading the fragrance.

Writing to the early believers in the great metropolis of Corinth, Paul reminded them that "We are, unto God, a sweet savour of Christ."  (II Cor. 2:15).  J.B.Phillips translates those words like this: "... through us spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of Him everywhere.  We Christians have the unmistakeable scent (or 'fragrance') of Christ."

Rita Snowden was a Christian authoress in the last century.  She tells a story of being on holiday, sitting at the window of the house in which she was staying, and suddenly experiencing a fragrance that filled the room.  It was so noticeable, and so powerful, that she was at a loss to work out its origin.  When she looked out of the window, all that she could see was ordinary men and women walking down the street..  She went outside, only to discover that the fragrance was stronger than ever.  She went back in and asked her hostess: "Where is this beautiful fragrance coming from?"   "Didn't you know?" asked that lady.  "All of these people work in a nearby perfume factory.  They live in the fragrance all day and, when they go home for lunch, they bring that fragrance with them!"

I wonder just how much those of us who, today, claim to be disciples of Jesus, bear His fragrance with us?  Not a physical aroma, of course, but that certain something that people notice, and that makes them want to follow, and find out our secret.

It's an integral part of the witnessing to which I referred on Tuesday and, indeed, the previous Tuesday as well!  It's part of our witnessing for Jesus - letting the world know that we are His.

Are you spreading "... the fragrance of the knowledge of Him - everywhere"?!  Do you "... have the unmistakeable scent of Christ"?!

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