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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Why I post about the Christian Faith?

One of my Facebook friends - and, indeed, a full cousin - posted the following on that particular social medium.  I was unable to do a 'copy and paste', so I have merely typed it out again!

I know that not all of the posts that I publish on this blog are what may be termed "religious" - but the majority are!  I merely seek to share the truth, and message, of the Gospel with all who read.  Some appreciate, and come back for more; others have, in the past (when I could still receive comments!), disagreed with me.  As some know, one series even cost me my Police Force Chaplaincy, as a particular senior officer decided that my traditional views on marriage went against the Force's "Diversity and Equality" policy - more strength given to the "diversity" aspect than to the "equality"!

Anyway, I think that this explains my position rather well:

"Dear Facebook Friend

There will come a day when you’ll see that I posted all of my “annoying religious” posts because I have a deep concern for you.  I care about you so much, and you matter a great deal to God.  He created you!  As hard as this is to say, I would rather you hate me for telling you the truth in love, than to gain your approval while I lie to you.

Once a friend was gracious enough to share with me, and God removed the scales from my eyes so I could see.  It’s now my responsibility to do the same for you.  That’s what the cross of Christ is all about.


As always, I would direct any interested person to a couple of the links at the bottom right of this page.  I am also ready to provide whatever pastoral assistance I can, on a personal basis, if you e-mail me at

Blessings, and shalom.

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