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Monday, 5 October 2015

Quiz-time (again!)

Okay, a little light relief for this belated start to October's posts.  Some fairly straightforward questions on characters from the Bible.  One clue - each answer begins with a vowel!  Correct solution in a few days' time.

1.   He introduced his brother, Peter, to Jesus.

2.   This man was deceived by one of his twin sons.

3.   Telling a lie about the money raised from selling some land cost this man a lot!

4.   This person was appointed as spokesman for his brother when they were used to free a nation from slavery.

5.   This woman's husband was struck dumb until their child was born.

6.   Who was the prophet who had to hide from an angry queen?

7.   In the year that this king dies, a famous prophet had a wonderful vision.

8.   This woman became queen after having been chosen in a beauty pageant.

9.   The shortest book in the Old Testament is named after this person.

10. This king was almost persuaded by the testimony of the apostle Paul.

11. He caused heartache to his father by leading a rebellion.

12. This man was a criminal who ran away - but returned, a changed man!

13. The boy, Samuel, told this man about a voice he heard.

Good place to stop (I am not superstitious!).

I wish you well.  :-)

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