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Monday, 13 July 2015

Wheat - and weeds!

Today, my wife and I drove up from our static caravan in The Gironde (S.W.France) to Arques (close to Calais) - a distance of some 475 miles (almost 800 kms).  As we did so - leaving the warm sunshine of the South-west for the colder, dull, windy weather of Pays de Calais - we passed, not only field after field of regimented rows of vines, but also many fields of golden grain.  As we sped past one particular field, I saw something of which I had often read but, as far as I can recall, had never before seen!

The high grasses at the roadside, combined with the speed at which we were travelling, meant that I cannot be absolutely certain that the main crop in the field was wheat.  However, there was no doubting the large clumps of green growth that towered above the grain.  They were certainly weeds!

In Matthew 13:24ff is recorded one of the parables of the Lord Jesus.  In it He refers to weeds that are growing in the midst of wheat.  The parable is one that is illustrating the Kingdom of God - on earth.  So how may it be interpreted?   The usual interpretation is that the weeds (more properly a degenerate type of wheat) represent hypocrites in the church. Strongly resembling Christians in their experience, and, in some respects, their lives, it is well-nigh impossible to distinguish them from genuine disciples of Jesus, nor can they be separated until it is done by Father God at the day of judgment.

How may I be assured that I am wheat, and not weed?  By living my life in full accordance with the written Word of God; by walking closely with my Saviour; by confessing every sin, and claiming the forgiveness that was gained for me, at the cost of the precious blood of Jesus, at Calvary; by keeping in touch with my Heavenly Father, in prayer; by reading His Word, and studying it, to the best of my ability.

The great day of Reaping is, I am convinced, very close.  It is certainly closer, today, than it was yesterday.  Let us be certain that we are gathered into the Father's granary - and not cast off to eternal damnation!

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