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Monday, 6 July 2015

New Beginnings

After a number of last-minute hitches, and delays, I have just sent out, to our Annual Newsletter mailing-list, the exciting (for my wife and me!) news that we have completed all of the legalities in our purchase of a house in France.  It has been an exhausting, sometimes, frustrating, time-consuming matter - but it is done!

Why have we made such a move when we are no longer in the first flush of our youth?  Simply because we believe that this move is in the Lord's will.  What He has planned for us is, of course, still to be discovered, but we have learned, over many years, to take one step at a time.   It will be difficult to leave the static caravan (mobil-home) that has been our French 'base' for three years - but as soon as we have it emptied of items that have been stored here, it will go on the market, and we trust that someone else will have as much pleasure as we have had when it is purchased (sooner, rather than later, we trust!).

This is, of course, for us, a time of 'new beginnings'.  Beginnings are of extreme importance.  How often, as a child, and a young man, I was taught by my parents to "Start as you mean to continue"!   I am thinking of a man named Abram, who lived some 4,000 years ago in that part of the world known, today, as southern Iraq.  At God's call, he left all that would have been his and, with his wife, his nephew, and his flocks and servants, he set off for an unknown (to him) destination.  The whole story is found in the Old Testament book of Genesis (Beginnings), chapters 12-25, and is well worth reading.   That was a new beginning for Abram (better known by his later name of Abraham) and, from that new beginning came the whole nation of Israel - a nation that many have tried to destroy, but that continues to exist, and flourish, in spite of their attempts!

We are not going to be the progenitors of a new nation - but we believe that the Lord has a specific plan for us as we settle in to our new home.  We believe, too, that He has a specific plan for your life - but you have to be willing to listen to Him if you want to discover it!

Are you ready for new beginnings?  It can be scary; but it can also be exciting!   And, of course, the greatest 'new beginning' is the new life that is promised to all who come to Father God in faith; accepting the salvation that is offered through the atoning sacrifice of the Lord Jesus; and opening themselves up to the daily guidance of God the Holy Spirit.  If you want to know more, please contact me - or even check out a couple of "My Favourite Links" (scroll down!).

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