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Friday, 10 July 2015

A matter of credentials

I was reading, last evening, of an official in a college who, for eleven years, impressed his colleagues as s highly qualified, and faithful, administrator.  He did his work so well that, when the opportunity for a promotion appeared, he was considered to be the favourite to be offered the position.

The, an unexpected background check was made on all employees.  To everyone's surprise, no documentation could be found for either the man's Master's degree, or his Doctorate.  He was called to a special meeting and, when advised of the problem, excused himself from the room in order, he informed the others, to get the transcripts.  He didn't return!

Just as this administrator in an educational facility was able to deceive his colleagues, so spiritual counterfeits are able to deceive their friends within the Body of Christ, the Church.  They arrive with cleverly-faked credentials of belief, and may remain undetected until the Final Judgment.  Of course, if the College authorities had made the relevant checks on the administrator before employing him, he would never have been employed.  Likewise, true disciples of Jesus need to follow the example of the Bereans (see Acts 17:10-11), and check all things by the written Word of God.   This is, sadly, a situation that I have experienced, recently, in a Fellowship with which I am involved.

We need the help of Father God in relating to those who may be counterfeits (see Matt.7:15).  However, we need also to know our own hearts so that we don't make false judgments about others!  We then need to be aleet as we wait for God to make the final judgment.

May He grant us the grace and the wisdom to be faithful, and wise.

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