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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Give me patience - and give it to me NOW!

Life has been unusually busy these past days - and a dodgy wi-fi connection at the camp-site hasn't helped when trying to catch up with e-mails, news items and, of course, this blog!

We (my wife and I!) had been advised by the Notaire who is dealing with the purchase of our new home in the Dordogne, that the final contract would be signed this morning.  Yesterday, we were to meet with the recently deceased owner's widow, and the Immobilier, to read the utility meters, and ensure that all was as in order regarding the property itself.  We had even arranged to spend a couple of days with friends who are much closer to the house, to save us two consecutive 110 mile (c.170 km) round journeys, each direction taking about 1 3/4 hours.

Yesterday morning, I received a 'phone-call from the Notaire. The widow was feeling unwell, and so the meter reading etc. had been cancelled.  No-one knew what would happen to day.  I can now reveal that she was unable to attend the final signing of the contract, and so we are back at the static, waiting to hear from the Notaire tomorrow.  As if that was not enough, I was also informed that the funds for the purchase have not yet arrived in the Notaire's bank account.  I contacted the bank.  The manager informed me that he is still awaiting confirmation from my Currency Exchange (to confirm that I am not seeking to 'launder' ill-gotten gains!!), and is unable to release the funds until this is received.  As I had received a copy of the e-mail that they had sent him I was surprised to learn that he had not done so - but have just realised that the bank was happy enough to accept a large deposit - without any additional information!!!

So, from a human perspective, we are disappointed, frustrated, angry.  However, as disciples of Jesus, we believe that Father God is in full control.  In my latest book, I have provided an appendix on the Fruit of God the Holy Spirit.  That Fruit is Love - agape love - and it is demonstrated by eight other characteristics.  One of these is patience.

Patience is a character trait that God desires to produce in each one of His born-again children (see Galatians 5:22-23). However, the only way to really learn what it means to be patient is to experience it firsthand. Patience is an oh-so-gradually unveiled gift.

Noah lived in a time when lawlessness and sin were the rule, not the exception. Imagine his reaction when God told him about His plan to destroy humanity! Picture Noah's reaction when God told him to build a boat, giving him specific dimensions and directions! Imagine having to wait 120 years to see it happen! I wonder if Noah ever said to himself, "Okay Lord, things are getting worse instead of better. Aren't you going to execute your plan? After all, it's already been fifteen years!" Thankfully, Noah had learned the lesson of patience.  He trusted God's timing, and was spared from the flood as a result.

Our response when something doesn't happen on schedule indicates how well we have learned to be patient. Maybe God has something better just around the corner (our being led to this particular house is a case in point - but the story is too long for a blog-post!). He will let you know when He is ready - or perhaps when you're ready. 

If you are a praying person, please join with us, and many others, in praying for a speedy conclusion to this matter - and one that will be honouring to God.  I'll let everyone know when the matter is concluded!

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