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Friday, 1 May 2015

May 7th - Why I won't be voting LibDem.

In this third pre-election post, I want to explain why I will not be supporting the

Liberal Democrats (LimpDumbs).

Of course, one question might well be, "Why would anyone do so?"   This Party may well be wiped out - or have its Parliamentary representation decimated - at the forthcoming General Election and, in my opinion, that would be no bad thing.  It was a Liberal politician, David Steel, who introduced the Abortion Bill that was eventually enacted - and has led to the murder, in the womb, of millions of unique, individual, human beings.  Their record on pandering to the homosexual lobby is no better than the other two 'traditional' Parties: "We will ... permit humanist weddings and opposite sex civil partnerships, and liberalise the rules about the location, timing and content of wedding ceremonies ... promote international recognition of same sex marriages and civil partnerships as part of a comprehensive International LGBT Rights Strategy" (p107).  No suggestion that they will seek to bolster the only family unit that, alone, can - without a 'third party' - ensure the continuation of the human race!

Of course, the Liberal Democrats, as part of the Coalition Government, were eager to support their Conservative partners in legislating for the redefinition of marriage.  This is not surprising as their current leader has, in the past, called for all 'church schools' to teach that homosexuality is "normal and harmless"!  The Schools Minister, David Laws, has stated that it is unacceptable for such schools to teach that homosexuality is morally wrong.  From a Christian perspective it certainly is - see, e.g., I Cor.6:9; I Tim.1:10, but that won't bother the average LibDem (one notable exception would be David Alton, now Lord Alton - sitting as a 'Cross-bencher' in the House of Lords) parliamentarian, or activist!

The Party also supports the legalisation of assisted suicide, and has consistently called for a radical reform of the UK's drug laws - announcing the most far-reaching liberalisation measures of any of the traditionally major parties.  At its Spring Conference, just a few weeks ago, it reaffirmed the LibDem belief that people have the inalienable right to offend others: "There is no place for restrictions on acts of blasphemy (which is still, strictly speaking, a crime in Scotland!) in law, or by intimidation leading to self-censorship."  They appear to never have read Exodus 20:7!

The LibDems also supported the Labour Government when, in 2007, the Sexual Orientation Regulations (SORs) were introduced - leading to the closure of adoption agencies, in England, run by the Church of Rome.  About one-third of Conservative MPs, including the Party leader, Mr David Cameron, also supported the introduction of these regulations.

In 2010, the LibDems enthusiastically supported the Equality Act, voting for the narrowing of employment protection for churches and religious organisations.  They also argued that religion should not be included as a protected characteristic in the public sector equality duty.  Of course, they would be more than unwilling to, themselves, employ an activist from another political party!  The words 'sauce', 'goose', 'gander', and 'good' come to mind!

With regard to pornography, the 2013 Conference rejected a motion for an automatic block on internet pornography.  Indeed, one speaker argued that such a block would be "counter to all liberal instincts."  Of course, with the almost daily revelations of  paedophilia practised by politicians in all of the traditionally 'major' parties, it is little wonder that they appear to be quick to 'close ranks', and to promote legislation that makes such activity less illegal - even if still morally indefensible.

These, then, are some of the reasons why, on May 7th, I will not be supporting the Liberal Democrats.

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