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Thursday, 30 April 2015

May 7th - Why I won't be voting Labour.

In this second part of this series of pre-election posts, I want to share why I will not be voting for the

Labour (LIEbour) Party.

First, and foremost, as with the Conservatives, Labour strongly supported the redefinition of marriage to include persons of the same gender.  The Party also 'whipped' both members and peers to oppose various amendments, introduced in both Houses, that sought to protect religious liberty and freedom of speech on the issue.  All of those amendments were, subsequently, defeated.

In the matter of abortion (aka the legalised murder of pre-born infants in the place in which they should be most protected - their mothers' wombs), the leadership of the Labour Party strongly opposed the recent amendment to the Abortion Act, proposed by Fiona Bruce MP (Con.; Congleton), that would have banned specifically gender-selective abortion.  Indeed, in spite of an allegedly "free vote", Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper (Balls) wrote to the Party's MPs urging them to vote against the amendment.  The vast majority yielded to this subtle persuasion!

The Labour Party is, as far as I understand, the only Party that has even suggested the appointment of an "International Envoy for the 'rights' of the homosexual/Lesbian/etc. 'community" (although Plaid Cymru would be supportive of such an idea!).  The task of this person would be to champion homosexual/transgender 'rights' globally!  At the same time, Labour has promised to "expand" the law on so-called 'homophobic' and 'transphobic' 'hate crime'.  This, of course, is the Party that has been in power in places such as Rotherham where the systematic abuse of vulnerable girls (mostly Caucasian) by Muslim men, has been covered up for years, if not decades.  It is also the Party that has, amongst its leadership, former active supporters of P.I.E. (Paedophile Information Exchange) - perhaps a reason for the fact that, during its long tenure in government, it pushed through a raft of legislation that was distinctly pro-homosexual (including reducing the homosexual 'age of consent' to 16), although attempts to scrap the law against homosexual activity in public lavatories were abandoned, but only because of serious opposition in the Upper House!

With regard to the economy, this is the Party that left the (in)famous note, in 2010, to inform the incoming, coalition, government that there was no money left!  Historically, Labour have been shown to be ineffective - if not disastrous! - at running the economy.   In spite of having started off as the Party that would support workers and their rights, its politicians are 'champagne socialists', with a good number of millionaires in the Shadow Cabinet alone.  I have nothing against millionaires - I've even met, and talked, with quite a few! - but there is, to me, an element of hypocrisy in the case of "Labour" politicians who have no idea as to how the ordinary 'man in the street' lives!  

Labour is, quite simply, a Party that I would not trust to run a stall at a Jumble Sale.  Hence, they will not be getting my vote on May 7th.

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