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Monday, 9 February 2015

A good legacy.

Earlier today, one of my Canadian friends posted a video-clip on Facebook.  Well worth watching!

As a retired teacher, I loved it. The teacher in the clip and I had so much in common. Even with the going to the toilet (UK-speak for the bathroom: if it doesn't have a bath, it isn't a bathroom!!!). In my case, I pointed out that, in their teens, they ought to be able to exercise a certain amount of control over their bladders; that they had regular intervals in which to attend to such bodily functions; and, when a girl insisted that it was "that time of the month", I let her know that I was noting the date, and that she would not get away with that excuse for at least another four weeks!

I also encouraged my charges to think; to consider evidence; not to be biased. I taught them the difference between asking "Can I ...?" and "May I ...?" - even 'though I was not their teacher of English! We had a lot of fun in class - but they knew where I had drawn the line (and it was I who drew it!). What did I make - I endeavoured to make well-rounded, positive, contributory, well-mannered, members of society

The result?! Some 80% of my Facebook contacts are former pupils - and only at their request! Actually, I have almost 100 who have made the request but whom I have not accepted - either because I don't recall them or, in some cases, because I recall them only too well! I have had pupils contact me to apologise for their deviant behaviour in my class - indicative, I would hope of their having absorbed something positive, even if it didn't blossom for many years.  There are some with whom I meet, from time to time, for a coffee (or, in my case, usually a Green Tea!).

The moral - for any adult who is involved with youngsters? You never know the effect that you are having on young, impressionable, minds - so be careful! Let them see, in you, "... whatever is true, whatever is honourable, whatever is just, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious," whatever is excellent, whatever is worthy of praise. (see Philippians 4:8). You will have no regrets!

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