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Monday, 11 August 2014

It's Quiz-time, again!

After a number of posts that have dealt with serious, and sombre, subjects it is maybe time for a little 'light relief'!  So here, for your delectation and edification, is another wee quiz.

This one is on Bible Characters (well, you didn't really expect one from me to be on BGT, Big Brother, or even Corrie, did you?!).  The only clue is that each answer begins with a vowel.  The correct solution will, as usual, be posted in a few days' time (DV).

1.  He introduced his brother, Peter, to Jesus.

2.  This man was tricked by one of his twin sons.

3.  He, and his wife after him, lied about the money raised form the sale of some land.

4.  He was appointed as the spokesman for his brother, when they were sent to free his people from slavery.

5.  The husband of this woman was struck dumb until their baby was born.

6.  This prophet had to hide from an angry queen.

7.  In the year that this king died, a famous prophet had an amazing vision.

8.  This young woman was chosen at a beauty pageant, and eventually became queen.

9.  The shortest book in the Old Testament is named after this person.

10. This king was almost persuaded to become a disciple of Jesus, by Paul's testimony.

Okay!  Ten people.  How many of their names can you discover?

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