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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Is it evolution?

This morning, I went to my doctor's surgery to provide a regular blood sample.  I can't recall ever having a problem with such a procedure and, indeed, for many years was a regular blood donor.  I am well used to having a needle inserted into my arm, and a quantity of that precious commodity extracted.

This morning, however, I noticed a difference.  Instead of the needle being almost as thick as a kitchen skewer, it was a fine as a strand of copper wire from a multi-strand cable.  It was in my arm before I even realised it! 

Later, I found myself thinking about the manufacture of such a needle.  I was aware that there had to be a hollow centre to it, and wondered at the skill and technology that made it possible for such a "pointed tube" to be produced.   Then I realised!  It had obviously evolved.  The surgical steel which had evolved from base components (which had evolved from ... ?) over many billions of years had, over many more billions of years, accidentally formed itself into a long rod.  Then, over billions more years, and another series of random mutations, it had evolved a central core, changing it from a rod into a tube.  A few billion years after that, it started to divide into short lengths and, over the past few billion years, each length evolved an exceedingly sharp point.

Of course, anyone with at lest two brain-cells capable of being activated simultaneously, would immediately see that the previous paragraph is a load of absolute rubbish.  Such a person would know that that the fine needle that was inserted into my arm had been designed, and manufactured, by an intelligent being using quite sophisticated machinery.  Even the transformation from a thicker needle to the fine one, required a great deal of skill - and, of course, the fine one is still a needle!

Yet many with the ability to understand that, still insist that all that exists - from the lowliest, single-cell, amoeba to the most complex of organisms, is the product of blind chance!  Yet even that amoeba has an amazingly intricate system that no mere human could ever hope to replicate.  Of course, one would also note that even after (allegedly) billions of years of so-called 'evolution', an amoeba is still ------------ an amoeba!

The reality is that humanistic evolutionism is simply an excuse to reject the whole concept of a Being Who is above and beyond anything that we mere mortals can even begin to imagine, and Who is the Creator and Sustainer of all that is.  He is the Uncreated One Who inhabits eternity; He is the Infinite One Who dwells outwith time; He is the Pure and Sinless One Who cannot bear to look upon iniquity.  Yet, out of His great love for us, He entered this time-space continuum in which you and "live and move and have our being" (Acts 17:28), in the Persona (not a typo - see the chapter on 'The Trinity' in Great Words of the Faith) of the Son; living among us, and experiencing all that we experience, "yet without sin". (Heb.4:15).  The promise is to all, that if we place our trust in Him, repenting of our sin and submitting to His Lordship in our lives, then we may know the wonder of a personal relationship with Him - that will continue after our physical death, into the timelessness of eternity.

Evolution!  I wish that I had the same level of faith that it must take to believe that that is the answer!

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