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Sunday, 18 May 2014

My life is in Your hands.

The recent abduction, by Boko Haram Islamist terrorists, of between 200 and 300 teenage girls, in Nigeria, has caught the attention of the world-wide community - and rightly so.  However, this is merely one atrocity committed by this group of evil, and violent, men.   Regretfully, they are not even the only group that targets, in particular, Christian communities.  Another group comes from the Fulani tribe - who would also claim to be Muslims.

Kumaga Agini is a young Nigerian mother, struggling to get her life together again.  Her husband was shot, and killed, earlier this year in a raid on their village by Fulani militants.  She, and her two young children, now live with relatives, dependent on their charity.

The Fulani had attacked the predominantly Christian village, in central Nigeria, determined to burn it, and to kill anyone who got in their way.  Kumaga's husband managed to take his family to safety, but then returned to collect their meagre possessions.  Sadly, he was spotted by the raiders, and shot.  When he fell to the ground, the brutal attackers mutilated his dead body, before throwing it inside the house, to which they then set fire.

Kumaga is one of many people displaced from villages in the north of Benue State as a result of attacks by Fulani.  Although herdsmen by background, the Fulani have been armed with sophisticated weaponry - prompting many to believe that they are being supported, and encouraged, by Boko Haram, or even by other Islamic extremist groups outwith Nigeria.  Living conditions for such families - who are now, effectively, refugees in their own country - are often desperate.  However, Kumaga readily witnesses to the consolation that she finds in her Christian faith, regardless of the circumstances!  She finds strength in singing, and her favourite is a song entitled Lord, my life is in Your hands

This young woman, and countless others like her, are a challenge to many in the "West" who claim to be disciples of Jesus, but whose lives tell a different story.  If you pray, please remember these dear brothers and sisters before the throne of grace.

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