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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Murder most foul.

A young woman, named Emily Letts, has caused something of a sensation by having herself filmed as she underwent an abortion procedure.  The video has been posted on YouTube, and has gone viral.

This young woman discovered that she was pregnant!  Wow - I wonder how that might have happened?! She obviously felt it unnecessary to take any precautions when she was sexually active - or, perhaps, she simply didn't care.  For her, abortion was a simple choice.  Towards the end of the video (which, significantly, does not show the procedure itself!), she comments: "I feel in awe that I can make a baby.  I can make a life."

Actually, she can not "make a life" - certainly not unaided!   A male also had to be involved and, for many of us, it is Almighty God Who causes that life to commence when the male sperm penetrates the female ova.  What Miss Letts fails to mention is that she can also (again, with assistance) end a life - a human life with untold potential!

Those who support a woman's right to have an abortion refer to that right as "pro-choice". However, I have never read, or heard, of any of them referring to the total lack of choice given to the unborn child!   

As this young woman gave her commentary on the lethal operation, she showed her own totally selfish, and self-centred, attitude: "I knew that what I was going to do was right ... because it was right for me."!   I don't know which of the various methods of abortion was used in her child's case, but it would appear that it was the one in which the little body - and it is a little body, not a bunch of impersonal cells - is literally cut up, and extracted from the womb, which is then scraped to ensure that no 'foreign body' had been left behind!  One could say that it was anything but right for that little life, so casually, and cruelly, destroyed.

She maintains that she feels no guilt.  I am not in a position to argue with that claim. However, I do know that, in the cases in which I have dealt with young woman who have gone through a similar procedure, they have certainly felt guilt!  The very first such occasion left me with nothing to say!  The young woman, sitting opposite me (a relatively young, and certainly inexperienced, parish minister) in her own living room, sobbed as she said "Mr Ross, I murdered my baby".  The reason why I was unable to make an immediate response was simply that I agreed with her!

I trust that this young woman will, eventually, repent of her action; seek the forgiveness of God; and put out another video encouraging others, in the same situation, to do the same.  In the meantime, she might want to watch another YouTube film called The Silent Scream.  She might just begin to understand the enormity of her recent action!

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