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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill (2)

I may not be known to many, but I am certainly known to my MSPs and, indeed, to my representative in the Westminster Parliament as well.  I only wish that others, who are just as capable as I - and many who are more so - would take the time and effort to contact their political representatives and remind them that, in a democracy, that is exactly what they are - representatives of the people who elected them to high office!

Following the letter below that I sent out at the end of last week, I received a couple of responses that sought to show that my concerns were unfounded.  This is a copy of the response sent to those responses!

"Dear [name]

Thank you for your prompt response.

I appreciate all that you have written.  However, I am still concerned about, for example, the list of "corporate parents", in Part 7 of the Bill, who will, as I understand the situation, be able to provide a "nominated person" for every child.  I accept that a Health Visitor has a part - one would claim, an important part - to play in the early days of a child's life; that a schoolteacher will be keeping an eye on all of his/her charges and be in a position to raise any legitimate concerns.  This kind of scenario is not the issue.

However, when I see that, e.g., the Chief Constable of Police Scotland is on the list, I wonder exactly what is going on!   Is my grandchild of six years of age deemed worthy of police attention without any misdemeanour having been committed?  If he does happen to commit a chargeable offence, will not the police be automatically involved in any case?

You kindly refer me to the Pilot Project in the Highlands, but fail to mention that some 8,000 children (approximately 20%) have plans that are led by social workers or head teachers!  Is this truly indicative of the level of poor parenting in that area of our land?

I would respectfully suggest that this Bill, like so many pushed through by this current government, is poorly thought out, and may well lead to a plethora of unintended consequences.  As I have already urged, please vote against this Bill - at least Part 3, and its associated Part 7.

Kind regards."

Let more of us ensure that our elected representatives are aware that they are answerable to us, the electorate.  Please check out this blog for any future, contentious, issues.  There are a number 'in the pipeline'!

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