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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Another wee brain-teaser!

The last brain-teaser proved to be very popular.  However, I know of only one person who managed to complete it correctly!  So, for those who like to keep their little grey cells exercised, here is another one - and it's a wee bit more simple (I think!).

The words  below are all anagrams of names of places visited by the apostle, Paul.   Start off by working out as many as you can without any assistance.  Then, if you have access to a Bible map (or should that, nowadays, be 'Bible app'?!!), you should be able check out Paul's journeys.  If you are having a real problem, then the chapter and verse from The Acts of the Apostles, in which the place is named, is given in brackets beside each anagram.

Have fun!

1. SAD MUSCA (9:10);  2. SAIL SAM (13:5);   3. STRAY L (14:8);  4. BREED (14:20);   5. TO CHINA (15:35);   6.  ROAST (16:8);   7. HI PIP PIP (16:12);   8. LOAN THIS CASE (17:1);  9.  HASTEN (17:15);   10. HIT CORN (18:1);   11. SEE PUSH (18:19);   12. I MELT US (20:17);   13. USE AS CRY (28:12);   14. AS RUST (21:39);   15. MORE (28:16).

As before, I'll post the correct answers in a few days' time - so keep checking!

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