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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Biblical Brain-teaser - solution.

The puzzle post received more hits than any other in the past couple of months!  Perhaps I'll manage to make it a regular feature!  Of those who contacted me, only one had managed to discover all of the Biblical books - well done FMR! :-)

For those who didn't quite manage to find them all, here is the solution. 

Do keep checking the blog.  Indeed, why not become a 'Follower' - or, at least, add it to your list of 'Favourites"?!

In these reMARKs are hidden the names of no less than sixteen Biblical books.  It's a real luLU; KEpt me looKING So hard for the fACTS, I missed the REVELATION .

I was in a JAM, ESpecially as the names (with one exception) were not capitalised.  The tRUTH will, however, be seen by vast NUMBERS of the super-intelligent readers of this blog!  To others, it will be a really hard JOB.  For all, it will be A MOSt fascinating search.

yES, THERe will be some that are easy to spot, and others that are difficult to JUDGE, So we admiT IT USually result in loud LAMENTATIONS.  In the past, one lady gave an assurance that sHE BREWS coffee while she puzzles over it.  One book, as already intimated, is capitalised to help you start.  See how well you can comPETE. Relax, as my friend Didier would say, for there really are sixteen names of books of the Bible in this post.

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