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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Letter from Israel.

It is no secret that I am a supporter of Israel.  I may not agree with every decision made by the various governments of the modern State of Israel , but, then again, I don't agree with every decision made by successive British governments - yet still consider myself to be as patriotic as the next man (and more patriotic than some of those in government!).

I am happy, therefore, to share part of an e-mail that I received from a Jewish friend, in response to one that I had sent to him.  In the light of the increasing isolation of Israel, by the international community, it makes very interesting reading.  Remember, the following is not written by a politician; it is not written by a journalist; it is not even written by a rabbi.  It is written by a retired gentleman who is enjoying a winter holiday in the land of his ancestors.  It is written by a contemporary eye-witness.  It is written as thoughts to a friend.  I believe that all of that gives it a credibility that many of the media reports seem to lack!

"I have received your e-mail whilst I am enjoying the sunshine and blue sky of Netanya, on the Mediterranean coast of Israel, only 8 or so miles from the West Bank.... Now here's a thought ...  From a high floor of a multi-storey building I can see Tulkarm  in the West Bank!!  Hence Israel's preoccupation with security and the future of the West Bank.  Who wants Hamas on its doorstep ?  Even Egypt fears them because of their radical extreme Sharia regime record of judicial murder and intimidation. In fact Egypt has blocked all clandestine tunnels it can find allowing "free" movement between Gaza and effect Egypt has blockaded Gaza but you don't hear anything of that in the Western Media, yet the opponents of Israel ignore the fact that humanitarian supplies are still reaching Gaza from Israel on a daily basis and  truckloads are getting through from Israel but not from Egypt.  Nor do you hear any outcry that Spanish checkpoints are now delaying movement of traffic for as long as three hours across the border to Gibraltar .... and just for political, not for security, reasons, whereas when Israel does it for security reasons and in doing so still apprehends persons with malicious intent, yet there is a wild outcry against Israel from people who ideologically oppose Israel's very existence." (emphases added).

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