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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Being Jesus-like.

I'm no fan of Ed Milliband, Leader of Her Majesty's Opposition in the UK House of Commons.  I disagree with his, and his Party's, basic policy of 'spend your way out of debt' - which has always seemed to me to be the equivalent of 'eat your way out of obesity', or 'dig yourself out of a hole'!  However, whatever the actual truth of this week's Daily Mail article concerning the late Mr Milliband, Senior, I join even the Prime Minister (for whom I have little other than contempt) in applauding said Ed for his spirited defence of his father.  I know that, if anyone were to attempt to besmirch my own late father, I would do all in my power to defend his memory.  I would expect no less of any loving son (or daughter) and, in that single episode, Labour may not have gained a vote, but their leader has certainly risen a notch in my personal estimation.

Mr Cameron has, of course, been in the news this week as the Conservative Party Conference was held in Manchester - sometimes described, by those who live south of Watford, as "the North"!  Indeed, I recall, from many years ago, a Conference that was organised by The Evangelical Alliance.  As a minister, and member of the Alliance, I received an invitation! :-)  Unfortunately, the event was taking place in London, so I was not in a position to attend.   Some months later, I read that the Conference had been such a success, and demand had been so great, that it was going to be repeated "in the North".  Before I read any further, I started asking myself where it might be - Glasgow; Edinburgh; Perth; Dundee; perhaps even Aberdeen, or Inverness?   You've guessed - Manchester!   I did write a strongly-worded letter to the EA, and that was that ... ... ... ... until some years later when I was invited to be a speaker at the annual Spring Harvest event that was held, for a few years, in Ayr.  At a pre-event meeting, speakers were all asked to introduce themselves.  When it as my turn, I did so.  Immediately, one of those from the front said "Ah, you're Brian Ross.  You know we still think about you, and your letter, every time we plan anything in Manchester!"   'Nuff said! 

Anyway, back to Mr Cameron.   In a radio interview, he was asked if he knew the cost of a budget-priced sliced loaf.  He hadn't a clue!   He went on to say that the reason he didn't know is because he has a bread-making machine, for the use of which, he even purchases a premium-priced flour.  One Opposition MP is quoted as saying, "He is so out of touch, he is almost a parody of himself."   It's difficult to argue with that!  Apparently, Mr Cameron's good (Eton) friend, the Lord Mayor of London, commented that he knew the price of a good champagne!   "With friends like that ... ... !!!

This week, I see a lot more of Jesus in the Jewish Labour leader, than I do in the "I'm a Christian, just not a very active one" Prime Minister.  Jesus was concerned for the honour of His Father.  As we were reminded, in Wishaw Baptist Church, on Sunday, that model prayer that He provided for His disciples begins with the words "Hallowed (holy; distinctive; separate) be Your Name".   He also knew what it was like to be one of us.  He took upon Himself human flesh becoming like us in every respect, "yet without sinning" (Heb.4:15).

He is a Leader Who is worth following, whatever the cost.  He gave His all for you, and for me.  What are we prepared to give for Him?

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