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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Follow Me!

In John 21:22, we read these words of Jesus to His disciple, Peter: "If it is my will that he remain until I come, what is that to you? Follow Me!" This was a response to Peter's question about his fellow-disciple, John: "Lord, what about this man?" (v.21).

In effect, Jesus is saying to Peter, "Never mind about My plans for your fellow disciples.  I'll take care of them.  You just tend to your own business."!

Peter's problem was that he was looking backwards at John, instead of straight ahead at Jesus.  The Lord had just predicted Peter's death by crucifixion, and then had instructed - or was it , invited? - him to "Follow Me!" (v.19).  The very next words, however, tell us that Peter turned around, saw John walking behind, and wanted to know about him!  How quickly the big fisherman had forgotten the meaning of those words: "Follow Me!"  Instead of keeping his eyes on Jesus, he was watching John!

Sometimes you, or I, may be disturbed, or discouraged, by something that is done, or said, by others - even fellow-believers! - and we may give expression to our feelings.  At such times, we do well to remember those words: "What is that to you? Follow Me!"   Instead of being upset at the behaviour of others, we should ask "How does my speech and conduct affect them?"!

There is an important lesson that we need to learn if we are to live the victorious Christian life - what Chinese disciple of Jesus, Watchman Nee (who died in a Communist prison because of his faith in, and faithfulness to, the Lord Jesus) called "The Normal Christian Life"! - and that is that we must get our eyes off men, and keep them on the Lord.  The very best of God's saints on earth are still imperfect and, sooner or later, may be a disappointment.  There is only One Who never lets us down - Follow Him!

Today, and every day, keep your eyes upon Jesus.  Your faithfulness to Him is the important thing, and that's your responsibility! 

And a thought:
A man at peace with the Lord, is a man at peace with himself;
and a man at peace with himself, is a man at peace with the world.
So, to be at peace with the world, just be at peace with the Lord!

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