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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A Royal audience.

I received a letter this morning!  It was from H.M. the Queen!  It was an invitation to a private and personal audience with the monarch!  There would be just the two of us - no foot-men; no aides; no bodyguards.  I was assured that I could raise any matter, however important or however trivial.   I was also assured that there would not be a time limit.  I could spend as long as I wished with H.M. - she would be delighted to have me with her.

Now, of course, that last paragraph is totally fictional - in case anyone hadn't worked that out!  However, if it was true ... ... ...!  I am not an ardent royalist (although I do hold H.M. in high regard), but I would be telling everyone about this amazing honour that had been bestowed upon me.

It is a fact that I am the recipient of an even greater honour and privilege.  Almighty God, the King of kings, the Sovereign Ruler of the universe, invites me to meet with Him.  Indeed, I don't really have a specific invitation!  He operates an 'open door' policy.  That means that I may come into His royal presence at any time!   I may bring every matter before Him; I may share my most personal, and intimate, thoughts; I may bring my petitions to Him, assured that He will respond.  Of course, just as would be the case with H.M., there is no guarantee that I will receive exactly what I request.  His wisdom is infinitely greater than mine (or H.M's.!).  He will not give me, or do for me, that which He knows is not for my ultimate good.

One other thought.  If I were to receive that invitation to Buckingham Palace, or Balmoral, or wherever, I would still be attending as a subject of the Queen.  I would still address my royal companion as "Your majesty".  But, when I enter the throne-room of heaven in prayer I come, not only as a sinner (which I am), but as a sinner saved by grace and, wonder of wonders, as an adopted child, able to address Almighty God as "Father" - just as H.M's. children, while still her subjects, may also address her as "Mother".

Do you have that personal relationship with the Lord?  Unlike an invitation to meet with the Queen, it's available to all who come to Him, in repentance and faith (both of those words are explained in my book - see the top of this page!), and accept His offer of salvation (also in the book), through the finished work of the Lord Jesus (Who is the subject of yet another chapter in the book).

If you don't have a relationship like that, may I urge you to deal with that situation while you may.  Please don't think that membership of a Christian fellowship, or even holding office in one, is sufficient.  It's only that personal relationship that enables us to come into His presence now, and to enjoy His presence in eternity (on which there is also a chapter in the book!).

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