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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Wolves in sheep's clothing.

A couple of evenings ago, my wife and I were at a 70th birthday anniversary celebration.  It was a multi-national gathering for the patron of our favourite camp-site, and we were with many friends made over years of spending time there.

At one point, one of our German friends offered me a drink.  I looked at the label on the bottle.  Fruit and vitamins, it read.   I was, therefore, happy to accept (I am totally teetotal, for those who are not aware of the fact!).  It was then that I discovered that I was about to become the victim of a practical joke.  What was actually in the bottle was red wine - taken from a carton, for easier transportation!

I did not take the drink!  However, I did take away with me the thought that the contents of the bottle were not what the label proclaimed!

This is often also true about people. As many know, I use the term "Christian" as little as possible.  This is simply because it has been so devalued that it now refers to anyone who is considered to be helpful, generous, kind, loving, or whatever.  Such a person is regularly described as "a good Christian" when, in fact, there may be absolutely no personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ; no experience of personal salvation; no obvious discipleship of Jesus!

One such person would appear to be the British Prime Minister, Mr David Cameron.  He has been regularly reported as claiming to be "a 'committed' but only 'vaguely practising' Christian" ( - whatever that may be, yet has been responsible for a number of policies that go directly against the teaching of the written Word of God.  The redefinition of 'marriage' is but the best-known of these.  He has also held a party for homosexual activists in Downing Street (at taxpayers' (my!) expense??) and said he wants to export same-sex marriage all over the world.  He has, with the support of Chancellor of the Exchequer Osborne, espoused policies that have ensured that the wealthy get wealthier, and the poor (not just the 'scroungers') get poorer.  When challenged, by a reporter, about his attitude to wealth, and as to whether or not he would be willing to follow the advice of Jesus to the rich young ruler (Luke 18:22), he merely sidestepped by saying that it was a difficult question. (

Of course, there is not one of us who can claim to follow Jesus perfectly.  However, while many of us at least have that high aim in view, Mr Cameron is one who, in my opinion, is only a wolf in sheep's clothing (see Matt.7:15) who, in reality, and regardless of countless 'sound-bites', cares nothing for the British people, but only for his elitist friends and those whom he considers to be 'cool'. 

Of course, it is not to me that he is, ultimately, answerable!

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