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Friday, 9 August 2013

Time, and Eternity (3)

This is the third, and final, part of the last point in a message on Biblical Veils that I brought to the Café Church, Bergerac, France ( in April of this year.   It should, therefore, be read in conjunction with the two previous posts. 
Sa'id Musa, a Christian employee of the Red Cross in Afghanistan, was arrested in late May, 2010 after footage of Afghan Christians being baptised was shown on national television.  Musa, a father of six, and an amputee with a prosthetic leg, was beaten, forcefully deprived of sleep, and sexually abused.  Thankfully, he was released in Feb., 2011 and granted asylum in a European country.
But on Dec 11th 2010 he wrote, from his prison cell, that he rejoices in the Lord amidst his suffering.  “I saw a vision, during my sleep one night, of the heaven opened, and a Person – His clothes like snow, His face in dazzling light – came to me, and put His hand on my shoulder, and said to me ‘Please be happy.  I am always with you in this jail.  I chose you, and you should announce my Good News to the people of Afghanistan and all over the world.’  At that moment, I was shaking and trembling with fear.  I fell down and could not stand.  He took my hands, and I woke up.”
So what had this dear brother experienced?  Was it all just the result of indigestion?  Was he beginning to lose his mind?  Or did that veil – that fine, fine, curtain that separates time from eternity – did it part slightly to give him that glimpse of the exalted Saviour, strengthening him in his suffering, his torment, his anguish?   I know what I believe!
It’s a veil through which each of us must ultimately pass.   The only question concerns what we find on the other side.  For it's only for those who, having recognised their sinfulness, have come to the Saviour in repentance and faith, and accepted the salvation that He won on the cross of Calvary, that the veil leads to the heavenly places.  For all others, it leads to a lost eternity, without hope, because it is without Jesus.
May each one of us hear what God would say to us, as individuals, that others may see something of His nature in us; that we may see more of His glory in the face of the Lord Jesus; that we may spend much time within the veil, in His presence, seeking His will, receiving His blessing, that we might fulfil His purpose; that when our time comes, we might take that final step, through the veil, into His nearer Presence, to hear those wonderful words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.  Enter into the joy of your Lord.

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