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Monday, 26 August 2013

God's provision

I'm sitting here, at Le Chêne du Lac, on the last full day of our summer holiday here.  The owners' two goats are just a few yards away, eating at a hedge.  However, they have escaped from their own enclosure - intended to provide a safe environment - and are trying to eat the leaves through a chain-link fence.  This major obstacle means that, although they are managing to acquire some food, they are not getting a fraction of what is available for them if they were on the other side of the fence - where they should be!

I'm thinking that that is a picture of so many people.  Almighty God has set certain boundaries, in His written Word (the Bible).   These, while intended to provide us with a safe environment, are seen by many as restrictive.  Accordingly, they escape - throwing off the 'shackles' of morality, and ethics, and Godly principles.  They seek to provide for themselves.  They want to be "self-made" men and women.

The reality is that, like the goats, they are just making life difficult for themselves, while losing out on so much that their Creator has available for them.  They are trying to find satisfaction through a chain-link fence, when full provision has already been made for them within the sanctuary of God's enclosure.

So, where are you, today?  In a Godly environment that provides all of your needs (although not necessarily all of your wants!); or 'outside', in a 'freedom' of your own making - but losing out on what Father God has for you?   The choice is always yours!

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