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Friday, 19 April 2013

Man of the people? Neither is!

Well, I hope that the title will have caught some folk's attention!  It was the best with which I could come up in a hurry, having read two of today's "inside page" news stories.

The first concerned Chinese President Xi Jinping.  It would appear that there had been media reports that he is such a "man of the people" that he was taking rides in taxis, incognito, obtaining the views of drivers, and even giving a tip!  However, the official news agency has now said that these reports were no more than a hoax.  No "man of the people" after all!

The other story was about the aptly-named Barclay's Bank executive, Rich Ricci (pronounced "Richy") who, we are informed, has decided to retire - with a "golden handshake" of some £18million from the sale of shares!  Now he had worked for the banking giant for 19 years.  Even so, that works out at just a little under £1m per year - and, of course, he was being rather handsomely paid during that period.  He apparently forfeited his 'bonus' last year - but still pocketed about £1.5m!  Just to make sure that Mr Ricci doesn't go short, he will also, apparently, receive a bonus every year during his retirement, under a scheme that was already in place!  So, hardly a "man of the people"!

I thought of Almighty God Who, in the Persona (not a typo - see the chapter on The Trinity in my book, available [at no great expense] at ) of the Son, took upon Himself human flesh, and walked among us - a Man among men.  I thought of how He listened to people, shared their pain, healed their sick.  I thought of how, at the end of His earthly life, He gave Himself over to be crucified - bearing the punishment for my sin (and yours!).   I thought of how He gave up the wonder, and beauty, of the heavenly dimension - becoming poor, that I might know His riches.

I thought - Jesus: now there was (and is) a true "Man of the people"!

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