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Friday, 1 March 2013

Marriage Minutes #7

Another brief video statement from the Coalition for Marriage.

By the way, I'm "in the news" myself - see the Christian Institute box in the right-hand-side of the blog!  (You may have to wait, or hover over and click on the right arrow until the relevant article is shown.  Then click on blue 'headline' to read the full article).


Jon Gleason said...

Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord in this matter.

Alison May Edie said...

I've just read The Daily Telegraph article about you being asked to step down from your position as a volunteer chaplain and I am deeply saddened. Asking you to adhere to the Strathclyde Police requirement to embrace diversity while denying you your right to your own opinion seems very narrow minded. We have our own opinions based on personal conviction which shouldn't be disallowed because of public opinion. Isn't that what equality is? And NOT us all adhering to one opinion

C.Brian Ross said...

Thank you for your support.

Blessings, and shalom.

C.Brian Ross said...

@ Jon Thank you. However, you will doubtless agree that it's His faithfulness to me that is more important!

Blessings and shalom.

Michael Calwell said...

Dear Brian,

I am a Catholic, you are a Protestant. Undoubtedly you and I would have profound and perhaps irreconcilable differences on many matters.

However, I find the idea that you could not serve me, or that you should lose your job, because you and I do not share the exact same views repulsive and reprehensible. That such a dismissal should be done in the name of "diversity" I would find comical were it not so offensive.

Let us be under no illusions: "diversity" is a code word for ideological and political homogeneity. It is a weapon to enforce a single malignant mindset.

When we were a Christian nation, atheists and secular fundamentalists were tolerated, embraced and accommodated, because that is what Christian charity demanded. But there is no Christian charity without Christianity. We may have casually assumed such Christian values would passively endure. We were wrong.

I don't doubt we are entering a very dark period of our history, and it may get much darker before it gets any lighter. But I do hope you get some justice and recompense in the courts, that there are some judges who know and understand the authentic principles of secularism and are prepared to defend them. said...

I have written a strongly worded (but not abusive) message to Strathclyde Police, being incensed by this sinister development, this being all part of a creeping development of Orwellian dimensions. It was brushed aside. I believe the action to be a contravention of the 1998 European Human Rights Act and also probably Racial and Religious Hatred Bill (2005-6. I hope this matter will be taken much further - Brian Robins

Anonymous said...

As the reader above said, I just heard about your getting fired. Ridiculous. You made the right decision and you are a real hero for the Christian faith!

C.Brian Ross said...

I am sincerely touched by the amount of support that I have received since this matter went public - both here, and through my "AllExperts" page.

I am unable to add a personal "Thank you", so please take this as intended for all who have left a supportive comment since my previous "Thanks"!

@ Christcentred You will agree that there is only one real Hero - the Lord himself. I am merely one who has never been particularly "politically correct" - 'though, I trust, seldom offensive - and who is prepared to, occasionally, stick his head above the parapet!

@earlymusicworld If you mean that your letter was "brushed aside" I am, sadly, niot surprised.

@Michael Indeed, there are certain theological issues on which it is unlikely that we would come to full agreement. However, be assured that I have a number of good friends within the Church of Rome - including some clerics!

Blessings, and shalom, to you all.

A Herbert said...

You are in my prayers. Thank you for your stand for God's natural laws on marriage and for your Christan views on Cardinal O'Brien. We have to stand apart from the crowd to preach and witness the Gospel.

C.Brian Ross said...

@ A Herbert

Thank you for your encouragement, and your prayer-support. Blessings.