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Friday, 8 March 2013

Make the Devil Take His Bags

It's turned out to be a particularly busy week.  From speaking/preaching maybe a couple of times a month (three in a 'busy' month!), I have ended up with no less than seven speaking engagements in one week - with all of the associated preparation!  No time for any more blog-post preparation.

I was grateful, therefore, to receive the following in one of my regular e-mails.  It speaks to me; I suspect that it will speak to many! 

You got out of a bad relationship because it was bad, but you are still resentful, and angry.
(you let the devil leave his bags)

You got out of financial debt, but you still can't control the desire to spend on frivolous things.
(you let the devil leave his bags)

You got out of a bad habit or addiction, but you still long to try it just one more time.
(you let the devil leave his bags)

You said, I forgive you, but you can't seem to let it go and have peace with that person.
(you let the devil leave his bags)

You got out of that horribly oppressive job, but you're still trying to sabotage the company after you've left.
(you let the devil leave his bags)

You cut off the affair with that married man/woman, but you still lust after him/her.
(you let the devil leave his bags)

You broke off your relationship with that hurtful, abusive person, but you are suspicious and distrusting of every new person you meet.
(you let the devil leave his bags)

You decided to let go of the past hurts from growing up in an unstable family environment, yet you believe you are unworthy of love from others and you refuse to get attached to anyone.
(you let the devil leave his bags)

When you put the devil out, make sure he takes his bags, too!


Jon Gleason said...

A very clever way to make a point which could be applied to so many things besides the ones listed here.

Repentance is a total change in the way we think about that thing of which we repent. If we keep the devil's baggage hanging around, we probably haven't really repented -- we don't really think of it the way God thinks of it.

C.Brian Ross said...

Indeed, Jon.

Thank you for your comment.