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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Grandeur - or Grace?

In the light of the revelations that are coming out concerning Steve Chalke, Rob Bell, Rick Warren inter al, in, among other things, the area of same-gender 'marriage', I was speaking with my own pastor (although officially 'retired', I am all too aware that there is neither retirement, nor redundancy, in the work of the Kingdom!) last week, and saying that there was a time when I wished that I could have had one of these "big" ministries. I would have liked to have everyone reading MY books, listening to MY tapes (now CDs, or even MP3 files!), watching MY videos (now DVDs, or even MPeg4 files!)! I would have enjoyed jetting all over the place as THE guest speaker at international conferences, at which hundreds hung on MY every word!

Older and, I trust, a little wiser, I am now so glad that the Lord spared me from such a life and ministry. It must be very difficult not to allow the adulation of the masses to have a negative effect on one's own walk with Him. As it is, I know that I'm a pretty poor specimen of a disciple (Paul and I disagree on that subject - he'll never be able to claim the 'title' "chief of sinners" while I'm around!). However, it is knowing what I am that constantly throws me on to His grace - and there can't be too many better places to be!

I do not begrudge the men to whom I have referred above their fame and fortune.  However, I suspect that my lower profile life (well, until my recent exposure over my former Force Chaplaincy!!) may have helped in ensuring that, on that Day, and in spite of all of my personal faults and failings (aka 'sins'!), I will hear those wonderful words: "Well done, good and faithful servant; ... ... enter into the joy of your Master." (Matt.5:21, 23; Lk.19:17).

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