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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Meet my dad and dad!

Elton John, well-known homosexual who, with his 'civil partner' David Furnish decided that they needed a child, and arranged same through a surrogate mother (they couldn't manage it by themselves!), is on record as having said that "It will break my son's heart to realise he hasn't got a mother."

Today's newspapers report that these two persons have welcomed a second child, through the same surrogate mother, into the world.  Despite expressing fears his son Zachery will be "stigmatised" for having two fathers, film-maker Furnish revealed that the pair had been eager to have another child to be a sibling (the gender of the new baby has not yet been reported) to their first born.

To me, this is a clear indication of the blatant selfishness of such people.  It's all about what "I" want; it's all about "me"; it's got nothing to do with the future of the child(ren) that are being brought into this situation. 

Of course, we see the same attitude being displayed in the drive towards the redefining of marriage.  Dr Liam Fox, M.P. (Con), in a letter to his own constituents that is reproduced in today's Telegraph newspaper, states that "The change in the status of marriage in the proposed legislation ... ... proposes to change the definition of marriage for all, for the perceived benefit of a much smaller number."   He is absolutely correct!  It is estimated that the homosexual/lesbian population of the U.K. is approximately 3%.  Allowing that there will be those who, even in these "enlightened" days, prefer to keep their deviant sexual tendency to themselves, we might raise that figure to 5%.  It is quite clear, from public statements made, that only a fraction of that 5% is pushing for marriage to be refined in order to include their own sinful relationships.  So, perhaps as few as 1% of the population want this!  This is as clear an example of "the tail wagging the dog" as one is ever likely to find!

Dr Fox has stated, in his letter, that he will be voting against the introduction of the proposed legislation.  I trust that many of his Parliamentary colleagues, both in Westminster and in Holyrood (where the SNP Government is pressing ahead with similar plans), will follow his example.  The sheer arrogance of both governments in totally disregarding the declared wishes of hundreds of thousands of those who pay their salaries (and, in the case of Westminster, their over-inflated expenses!), means that we need more members like him.

Of course, what we really need, in my opinion, is a direct intervention by Almighty God.  These people are, in a sense, spitting in His face by seeking to change that which, at the beginning of the human race, He ordained.  That is always dangerous ground on which to walk!

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