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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Is this hypocrisy?

There were a couple of interesting, and related, news items during the past week.  On the one hand, we were informed that the last active Church of Rome adoption agency in the UK is being forced to cease operations unless it takes homosexual/lesbian couples. The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator ruled that St Margaret’s Children and Family Care Society in Glasgow was discriminating against same-gender couples because it prioritises those who have been married for at least two years. The decision follows a ruling in England that Catholic Care, based in Leeds, could not claim an exemption under the Equality Act to allow it to operate in line with Church teaching. 

At the same time, Edward Timpson, the Children’s Minister in the UK government, announced that local Councils that fail to do enough to tackle a national shortage of adoptive parents are to be stripped of responsibility for recruiting them, and that the task of filling the backlog of would-be adopters in problem areas will be handed over to private agencies and charities instead!   Mr Timpson said that the Government could no longer “stand by” while the backlog of children cleared for adoption, but waiting to be found suitable homes, continues to grow. 

Does anyone else see the paradox here?  An admitted shortage of adoptive parents, but agencies unable to operate for no other reason than that they happen to believe - and, unlike many politicians, have the courage of their convictions to say so - that a child is best served by having two parents, one of each gender, as nature irrefutably demands!  

Meanwhile, in both Holyrood and Westminster politicians, pushing the matter of "same-gender 'marriage'" - not a part of any of their last manifestos - seem to think that as long as they are able to claim to be defending the rights of faith groups (not just Christians!) and clerics, there should be no opposition to their plans.  Of course, their so-called "safeguards" aren't worth the hot air spouted.   The recent judgements by even the European Court of Human Rights would indicate that the conscience of a Christian may be successfully challenged.  Indeed, a source close to Education Secretary Michael Gove has admitted that teachers could be sacked for opposing gay marriage - that the Government would be powerless to stop headteachers firing staff who refuse to endorse same-sex marriage! This is what those who support traditional marriage have been saying for many months.  One wonders for how long those in government have known this, but preferred to keep the information hidden!

However, as I was reminded at a recent meeting of Scotland for Marriage, "It's not over yet!"  I am fully convinced that The Lord will intervene to protect that which He ordained.  However, I also believe that He expects us to play our part by continuing in prayer; by signing petitions; by writing to, or visiting, our MPs and MSPs.  May those of us who claim to be His disciples not be found wanting.  It is to Him that we answer!

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