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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Personal Testimony

Slogging away at the gym, this afternoon (boast, boast!!), I was listening to some tracks on my little MP3 player.  As I listened to one of my favourite singers, Amy Roberts, singing about the change that Jesus makes in the lives of those who come to Him in repentance and faith, accepting His wondrous gift of full and free salvation, I was reminded that personal experience is something against which it is difficult - if not impossible - to argue.

This is the problem for the secular humanists who appear to be so aggresively attacking the Christian church in our day.  I've listened to Richard Dawkins - the "foremost atheist" according to much of the media.  Of course, he isn't even an atheist!  The man is an agnostic (remember the "bus campaign" with its slogan about not worrying because God "probably" doesn't exist?!).  However, whatever description he chooses to apply to himself (or others choose to apply to him), I have never heard either him, or any of his "disciples", point to lives that have been changed for the better through acceptance of their beliefs.

However, in the name of Jesus, people are still being healed emotionally and physically and spiritually by the same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead.  Sinners are being freed from the burden and pain and shame of sin – sometimes immediately; sometimes after long years of steady work by God the Holy Spirit in their lives.  Hearts are being mended and lives are being turned around.   Praise God, there are millions in the world - even in 2012 AD - who can say, "He saved me, and I am not the person I used to be" just as the apostles testified 2000 years ago.  Indeed, many of them are prepared to be incarcerated, physically and mentally abused, even to die, under oppressive régimes, rather than deny the One Whom they love and serve, as Saviour and as Lord.

It's difficult to argue against that kind of testimony!

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