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Saturday, 4 February 2012

New Birth!

For nearly five years, I have exercised what I refer to as my "ministry to pregnant women"!!  This simply involves praying for young women of my acquaintance (or of whom I have been informed), with their knowledge and approval, on a daily basis, throughout their pregnancies.  During that time there have, sadly, been two or three pregnancies that did not end with the birth of a sound and healthy child; but the vast majority have done so, and for this I have given thanks.

Today, another child was born - a little girl.  This was a case in which I didn't, and don't (yet), know the mother, but the father is one of my Police Sergeants.  The baby was due on Jan 25th and, as may easily be imagined, the delay in its delivery was causing some anxiety.  I haven't heard the full story as yet, but there appears to have been a necessary repositioning of the baby prior to the birth and, when she was born, she wasn't breathing.  However, I have been assured that all is now well with both mum and daughter - and that even dad is slowly recovering!!   On Thursday, I met a young Constable who is returning to duty after the birth of her son, some six months ago.  From what she shared with me, that delivery was speedy, simple, and straightforward!

As a fellow-Sergeant shared with me what information she had about this morning's birth, I found myself thinking of the process of the new birth - the spiritual birth into the Family of God.  There are some who, like the young Constable's son, seem to make that transition from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Light without any difficulty at all.  There's an eagerness to discover the joys of the new life for oneself.  Tough times may well lie ahead but, for the moment, it is enough to be on the journey.  

Others, like the Sergeant's daughter, do not find that transition to be as simple and straightforward.  Perhaps, like Saul of Tarsus, they have been "kicking against the goads" (see Acts 26:14); like C.S.Lewis, they might class themelves as "the most dejected and reluctant convert in all (country!)" (Surprised By Joy, p.266). 

Sadly, there are also many who, even at the point of conversion, decide that the cost is too high, and who turn their backs on the salvation that was won for them at such great cost, and which is so freely offered.

There is much rejoicing in my Sergeant's household , and among the circle of his family and friends, this evening.  And, Jesus assures us, there is great joy in heaven over every sinner who repents, and embraces that new life that He, alone, offers. (see Luke 15:7). 

May all who read this post be found in His family - in a life that is eternal.

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