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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

More on marriage!

I was in Edinburgh, this morning, with more than 150 others, demonstrating in support of the traditional meaning of marriage as being a man and a woman, to the exclusion of all others, for life. The numbers would probably have been greater, but the organisers deliberately didn't put out much publicity in order that the demonstration would not be hijacked by opponents.

It was a dignified demo, with Gordon Wilson (former leader of the SNP), Cardinal Keith O'Brien, and Ann Allen, being the 'keynote' speakers, and each making an impassioned plea for the continuance of marriage as defined by Article 161 of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights which clearly states that it is a union of 'a man and a woman'. The importance of a child's right to a father and a mother was also stressed, as was the fact that the homosexual/lesbia community (small 'though it is!) already have all of the legal rights of a traditionally married heterosexual couple, in civil partnerships. Indeed, a civil partnership gives the two persons involved greater rights than, e.g., two elderly siblings who share a home - but not a bed!

The demand for "same-gender marriage" has nothing to do with equality, but a lot to do with a continuing effort to undermine one of the basic building blocks of a stable society - the family.

It was also pointed out that to redefine marriage would open the same 'can of worms' that has been opened in countries like Canada where a man is using the legislation to claim that he may have a legal polygamus 'marriege'! Here, in Motherwell, there was an outcry just a few months ago, when a brother and sister were caught in a full sexual act in the local railway station; and the young man was taken to court. However, if marriage is redefined, could not the failure to permit such an incestuous relationship be seen as discriminatory?!

As history often shows, we tamper with the design of the Creator at our peril. It is to be hoped that the Scottish Government will listen to the will of the people of Scotland, rather than give in to the demands of a vociferous minority, within a minority!

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