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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Accident, or design?

This evening, I travelled down from Aberdeen, where I had spent an overnight with my good friend, April.  I am very grateful to her for her generous hospitality; to sister, Hayley, for her chat; and to brother-in-law, Carl, for his computer expertise!    I travelled by coach - and was able to plug my laptop (on which Carl had performed major surgery!) into a mains supply, and take advantage of free Wi-Fi access!  The wonders of modern technology never cease to amaze me!

Of course, these innovations don't just happen.  They are the result of certain, very clever, people applying their creative skills to provide a solution to a perceived problem.  No-one expects a coach to produce a 240v electricity supply just by travelling up and down the A9 often enough!  A Wi-Fi connection doesn't appear just because the coach has passed Dundee a sufficient number of times!

Yet even these technological marvels fade into total insignificance when compared with the intricate complexity of just one human cell; the cosmological order that enables us to accurately forecast the time of the next solar eclipse; the trillion, trillion (and more) aspects of the known universe that have been discovered by mankind.  Yet there are those, including some highly intelligent people, who happily believe that all of that is the result of nothing more than random chance over a long enough period of time!  The apostle Paul rightly said that "... the god of this world (aka the devil) has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, ..." (II Cor.4:4) - and I would claim that he has blinded them, also, to the truth of creation!

That truth is that all that exists was created, from nothing, by Almighty God.  That's the only intellectually satisfying conclusion to which I can come.  And this God is not some abstract, impersonal, force; but a loving and sentient Being Who cares deeply about every part of His creation.  He even cares for, and loves, the humanity that has, to such a large extent, turned its back on Him in this technological, materialistic, consumerist society in which so many of us live.  The proof of that love is seen in history when, in the Persona of the Son, He hung on a cross and died for each one of us.

Of course, the gift of full and free salvation that He gained for us must be accepted before it becomes effective.  That involves the confession of my sinfulness; the acceptance of His sacrice on my behalf; and the submission of my life to His control.

Have you made that move?  You'll never regret it if you do!

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