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Friday, 9 September 2011

An EU Referendum for the U.K.?

Mr Cameron, the U.K. Prime Minister stated, only a few days ago, that the vast majority of the British public don't want to leave the E.U., merely to have it reformed!!

I do wish that he would explain to us the basis on which he arrived at that conclusion. Polls, we are constantly informed, use a representative cross-section of our society. I am unaware of a single such poll that has shown anything other than a majority (sometimes a substantial majority) taking an alternative position to that of the PM.

Indeed, today's newspapers report that a petition signed by 100,000 subjects of H.M. the Queen, and demanding a referendum on the U.K's. continuing membership of what must be one of the most discredited organisations in recent history, was delivered to 10 Downing Street, yesterday.

What we need is a mass demonstration marching on Downing Street - when the PM is there, of course. Whilst not advocating a repeat in the U.K. of some of what we have seen on our television screens across North Africa and in the Middle east, these people have shown that even dictators of long standing can be deposed.

If we are to get out of the corrupt, and insatiable, E.U. we may have to first of all get out on to the streets!

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