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Monday, 16 August 2010

Late - but still on time!

It's really quite miserable, here in L'Isle-sur-le-Doubs! On Saturday, there was an 'orange alert' concerning heavy rain - and it proved to be not unfounded! The river level has risen, by my reckoning, some four to five feet; and the rain, while no longer as heavy, has barely ceased.

So what does one do in such circumstances? Swimming and sunbathing are totally out of the question - but I do have my internet connection! One of the things it took me a long time to discover is the wide variety of material available on YouTube. Amongst it, I have found many of my favourite singing artistes - The Gaither Vocal Band, and The Oslo Gospel Choir, to name but two. This afternoon, while reading a book (yes, I still have time for some 'low-tech' stuff!) I was listening to some music on my little MP3 player. Karen Peck and New River were singing, and I decided to check them out on YouTube. I discovered a number of songs that I had not heard them sing before, but one in particular spoke to me in a powerful way. The video (just one of many that are available - but I think it's the best!) is below and, in my opinion, is well worth watching and listening to.

The song is based on the incident, recorded in John's account of the Gospel, of the raising of Lazarus - friend of Jesus, and brother of Martha and Mary (see John 11:1-44). One of the major points of the story is that it was four days after Lazarus had died, that Jesus arrived at the home in Bethany (see v.39). The composers of the song, Aaron and Roberta Wilburn, make the wonderful point that our timing and God's timing don't always coincide - but that His timing is always perfect. I was reminded of the late Rev Andrew Macbeath, Principal of the Bible Training Institute in Glasgow when I was a student there. One day, in the middle of a lecture, he stopped; looked over the serried ranks of students in the Lecture Hall; and made the profound statement: "Ladies and gentlemen. Always remember that God's clock is neither fast nor slow!" That is a statement that will stay with me for as long as I live.

And isn't it encouraging to know that, when situations don't work out as we had planned, or as we would want; that whenever He appears to be 'letting us down'; it is a matter of timing. We should never lose hope. Even when we think God's too late to help us, He will still be on time. Human circumstances and situations can never limit Almighty God.

If you, as a believer, are going through a difficult time just now, please remember these words:
"Isn't it great, when He's four days late, He's still on time!"

1 comment:

CannuckCol said...

I have heard a few times on the radio and news over here about people who were 'late' for some flights only to learn later that the flight they should have been on had ended as a fatal flight or more recently in Ontario, where a manager was waiting for a letter to be printed off which should have been finished hours earlier for him to be on his way, only to realise had he been 'on time' he would have been in his car in the multi-storey parking lot that collapsed. HIS time is not our time