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Saturday, 22 May 2010


In the light of what I posted just last night, I was both interested and encouraged by the article in The Telegraph newspaper today, that may be viewed at:

It would appear that I was correct in concluding that Dr Venter had not 'created' life, but merely mimicked it - much as is done in the 'creation' of so-called 'test-tube' babies, where what happens is that the male sperm is introduced to the female egg in the unnatural locus of a petri dish.

I don't think that the Almighty would have lost any sleep over Dr Venter's work (He wouldn't, anyway - see Ps.121:3-4!).

2 comments: said...

Ps.121 v 3-4 Annonce de la délivrance
Merci pour ce Psaume 121, ce Psaume qui est bien pour les pèlerins que nous sommes, pour l'Eglise en marche vers la Cité Céleste. Tournons-nous toujours vers Dieu qui fait toutes choses. Eternel Dieu, merci pour Tes faveurs !
Bonne semaine, que Dieu vous bénisse pleinement, et vous fortifie. Shalom!

Brian Ross said...

Merci, ma chere soeur, pour votre pensees saintes - et excusez, s'il vous plait, encore, ma pauvre Francaise!! J'espere que, un jour, nous rencontrerons!