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Friday, 7 May 2010

Continuing confusion!

The country (well, some 66% of the electorate!) has spoken, and no political party has been given an absolute majority. The 'horse-trading' has commenced - behind closed doors, if not in public - and it may be some days before we know who has the responsibility of governing the United Kingdom.

So what is happening? Not being one of the political pundits, I really don't know. Mind you, I doubt if any of them are particularly sure either. They just have to keep spouting theories, and opinions - it's their job!

There is only one thing of which I am absolutely certain. That is that the sovereign God Whom I seek, however ineffectively, to serve knew the outcome of this particular General Election from before the world began! That's quite a claim, but it rests on the assurance that He sees the end from the beginning; that He is the Alpha and the Omega - the beginning and the end!

This is not to say that He looks into the future. It's much, much more than that. He is not in time at all, but outwith it! From the vantage-point of eternity, He sees all of time spread out before Him. He sees, simultaneously, Adam in the Garden of Eden; Abraham prepared to sacrifice Isaac; Moses facing up to the Egyptian pharaoh; David in Jerusalem; Jeremiah in Egypt; Jesus on the cross; Paul in Rome; John on Patmos - to say nothing of the history of mankind in the succeeding 2000 years.

This means that, unlike us, He already knows who will be the Prime Minister by this time next week. So, although I do not understand the current situation, I am content that "God is still on the throne."

Let those of us who believe in the efficacy of prayer seek God's face that He might graciously move in this unusual situation, that His will and purposes might be worked out. Last night, at the monthly prayer-meeting in Liberty Community Church, we were repeatedly reminded that "God is at work". Let us rejoice in that, and seek to make ourselves available to Him.

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