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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Sleaze, greed, and stupidity!

Monday, today – but still no internet access. However, this provides my third posting while away for a few days, so that should keep me going until the end of the week – provided that I don’t post them all at the one time!

Yesterday’s breaking news, in the political sphere, was the allegation that a number of former government ministers, backbenchers, and a peer, have been ‘caught out’ in a so-called ‘sting’ operation by the Sunday Times newspaper and the Channel 4 television broadcaster. It would appear, from the clips that have been referred to on various radio and television news, and current affairs, programmes that the going rate for lobbying one’s former ministerial department on behalf of a commercial company, is between £3,000 and £5,000 per day. If I could find legal and ethical employment at even the lower end of that scale, I would only work a couple of days each month!

I regret to have to say, that I am unaware of any organisation that would provide me with that kind of income for the sort of knowledge, and experience, that I have acquired over my lifetime. However, what I do know is the absolute assurance of the provision, by my heavenly Father, of all that I need. Indeed, I have enjoyed far more than I need. I have been blessed in so many different ways that I wouldn’t know quite where to begin if I were to tell them all! I don’t know why I have been the recipient of so much blessing. I have not deserved it; I could not have earned it; I would never be able to afford it. Enjoying a time of fellowship with a very dear minister friend, just last week, I made the point that, if anyone deserved blessing, it is those in the persecuted church, who undergo such severe privation, and harrassment, and imprisonment, and torture, and death, for the sake of Jesus. I can only believe that Almighty God has a greater reward for them, in glory, and that all that He does will ultimately be seen to have been just and right.

But, back to the politicians. It is difficult to believe that such highly educated people should display such utter stupidity – especially so soon after the ‘expenses scandal’. One can only assume that, if these allegations are confirmed to be true, their insatiable greed ovecame their reason. This is just one reason why it is my hope, and for months has been my prayer, that at the forthcoming General Election, millions of voters will cast their votes, not for a ‘Party candidate’, but for a man or woman of personal integrity, regardless of the colour of the rosette. May it be that the Lord will use the unprecedented number of members who are, for whatever reason, not seeking re-election, to fill the Palace of Westminster with an army of those who will seek to put Him first in all things. Then we might see this once-great nation return to walking the paths of righteousness – to the good of the people, and to the glory of His Name.

PS Since typing the above, and watching the full Channel 4 “Dispatches” programme, two interesting developments have taken place:

1. The Cabinet Secretary, Gus O’Donnel, is reported as having looked at the behaviour of those involved, and concluded that there was no requirement for a wider investigation – as requested by the Opposition.

2. A meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party resulted in four of their colleagues who were involved in the scandal (including three former government ministers), being suspended from the Party.

Together, these developments surely beg the question: “If there is nothing even worthy of investigation, why would these four members be suspended?”

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