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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Gordon Brown and the Chilcot Inquiry.

"The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth".

These, as many have suggested, are the missing words from the Public Inquiry into the 2003 invasion of Iraq, that is chaired by Sir John Chilcot. This certainly appears to be the case with the 'performance' given by the current British Prime Minister, Mr Gordon Brown, M.A., Ph.D. Not having been placed under oath, this selfish, self-centered, man was free to come out with spin, half-truths, and suitable statistics. Unfortunately, others had already given evidence that flatly contradicted this despicable man's claims. Furthermore, Admiral Lord Boyce and Lord Guthrie, former chiefs of the defence staff, have both accused the prime minister of being "disingenuous" during his testimony.

Given the choice between believing distinguished military men, and the totally undistinguished (in any sphere) Mr Brown, I know who I believe. No contest, really!

Mr. Brown should have spent a little more time in the Classics, where he might have discovered the story of the boy who cried 'Wolf!' Had he done so, he would realise that he has told so many lies that now, even if he were to (miraculously) tell the truth, no-one would believe him.

It is a sad reflection of the condition of U.K. politics, today. Sadly, there still appears to be a tribal instinct that is rampant throughout the country, so that the next government is assumed to be either Conservative or Labour - with the only other option being that of a 'hung' parliament in which a Party (or Parties) unable to gather anything like enough votes to form a government themselves, suddenly acquire an influence and importance far beyond any popular mandate.

Is it too much to expect that, at least, the majority of the British electorate might actually vote for candidates rather than Parties? I continue to pray that, at the coming General Election, with an unprecedented number of members standing down (having realised that the 'gravy train' that they have been happily riding - in some cases, for many years - is at the end of the line!), a vast army of men and women of faith; of honesty and integrity; will fill their places. I trust that many will join with me in so praying.

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