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Friday, 5 February 2010

The Parable of the Sower!

After a couple of fairly 'heavy' posts, time for something a little lighter (although the heavier material does seem to increase the traffic to the blog - quite considerably!).

It was many years ago, now - some time in the mid-80s - when the whole family were at the annual Keswick Convention . The girls were still very young and, for the special 'family service' folk had been invited to make a presentation. As we sat in our little trailer-tent, I came up with the following. It was sung by mum and dad, as daughters acted it out. Oh, to have a video-recording!!! The tune is "Tell me the story of Jesus". (See Matthew 13:1ff for the original!).

Jesus, one day, at the lakeside sat down to teach.
All of the folk who had gathered, He longed to reach.
He in a boat, the crowd on the shore;
As He did tell the tale of the sower.

"Once there was one who went out to sow all his seed.
A harvest was what he was wanting to meet his need.
But, as he scattered, lo, he did find
Seed fell all over, blown by the wind.

Some of it fell on the pathway, where it did lie
'Til it was eaten by birds that swooped from the sky.
Some fell on rocks, and sprouted so well;
But, when the sun came, frizzled and fell.

Other seed fell among thorns that soon choked the plants;
But the rest fell on the good soil as he did want.
And there it yielded plenty of corn:
Thirty, sixty, a hundred-fold, filling his barns."

Jesus then told His disciples what this tale meant:
"The seed is theWord of the Kingdom, to each of us sent.
Some just reject it; some take it in;
'Though not all continue, the Kingdom to win."

So, we ask you to consider - which soil are you;
As you keep each of these pictures plainly in view?
Hear Jesus' words; respond to His call;
Grow by His Spirit strong, true, and tall.

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